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                        LATTICE GIRDER PRODUCTION LINE


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                        Сварочные машины по изготовлению решетчатых ферм

                        Высокопроизводительные линии по изготовлению решетчатых ферм в большом количестве. Высокая точность и рациональные изготовление. Максимальная сварочная и резаная скорость достигает 30 метров в минуту. Система PLC функционирует в качестве управления, имеет особенность телеобработки.

                        LATTICE GIRDER PRODUCTION LINE

                        Girder Characteristics

                        LATTICE GIRDER PRODUCTION LINE

                        LAYOUT PLAN

                        LATTICE GIRDER PRODUCTION LINE


                        ●  The plant is controlled with a system which is reliable, powerful and flexible and controls all the functions of the machine and allows an easy interface with the operator. The main computer has a diagnostic system which allows an immediate check of all the signals emanating from the machine.
                        ●  All the axis parameters, machine times and speeds are adjustable from the computer.
                        ●  The programming is quick and easy so as to be as user friendly to the operator as possible.
                        ●  The welding is controlled by units which allow the operator to adjust and change the periods and the power relative to the production at hand.
                        ●  All the power apparatuses for driving the motors and all other functions are mounted in the electronic switching cabinets; all the signal lights and the various commands are found on the cabinets.
                        ●  The operator controls the plant through the electronic control stations which are positioned appropriately.

                        TECHNICAL DATA

                        LATTICE GIRDER PRODUCTION LINE